Tennis Club/Court Management

Taking Your Club Above and Beyond…Service


Tennis Innovators provides top to bottom assistance to help take your tennis business to the next level. We are focused on helping you attain a level of optimal revenue generation while providing five-star customer service and effective tennis programs to position your business for success and growth. Our 15 years of experience and “winning” philosophy will enable your business to reach a higher standard both on and off the court.


Our group of world class professionals create superior programs for all ages and levels; each program is modified to meet the needs of the players. High quality training with continuous updates on programs to further engage your players as well as encouraging membership growth is what Tennis Innovators provides.


Tennis Innovators focuses on developing a growth strategy through coordination and sales to increase membership and court revenue. Customer segmentation strategies are the key ingredient to making your tennis programs and business more successful than the average tennis club.


Quality amongst all. Your courts are just as important as the players and programs you offer. Tennis Innovators has experience with all surfaces and specializes in hard-tru and red clay court maintenance. Our team of experts are able to tackle any surface challenges that may arise.

Below you have a list of detailed services Tennis Innovators offers to improve the satisfaction of both your business and your members. Allow our team the opportunity to help your tennis courts and tennis programs turn into a high quality tennis operation:

Westchester’s New Home for True Tennis Enthusiasts!

Tennis Innovators is dedicated to creating academies that promote active and healthy lifestyles driven by an environment that promotes sanctioned competition at all ages, levels and skill-set. Our training regimen tests the mental and physical capabilities of our players and staff professionals in order to reach their highest potential not only in the sport of tennis, but in everyday life.

Management & Administration

Manage day to day responsibilities of entire businesses. Create a comprehensive business plan that will ensure high quality service on and off the court operations, including employee services, marketing and advertising solutions. Develop and execute strategy to drive membership and revenue generation.


Design and implement a sales program that will result in optimal court time revenues. Develop sales training tools as well as create lesson/packages program to assist your sales organization generate improved bottom line results.

Tennis Professional Hiring & Training

A great staff is the key to success of any club. Tennis Innovators recruits only tennis professionals with quality experience and continued growth potential. Our training helps to develop each professional’s teaching ability ensuring high quality lessons in all programs.

Administration Hiring & Training

Member Relations requires personable, solid and trustworthy administrative staff. Training for these member-facing staff is crucial. Tennis Innovators can assist you to find the right team or train current staff on customer relations. Our administrative systems training tools will allow ensure your business operates at a five star resort level.

Tennis Program Re-structuring

Enhance as well as introduce new programs for all ages and levels that will entice new players as well as ensure continued involvement at the club.

Club Software Upgrade and Training

Tennis Innovator has a track record developing software for top leading clubs in the Northeast that have resulted in cost reduction and efficient business processes in all areas. Our software system would digitalize court sheets, schedules, billing and payroll.

Court Maintenance Specialties

Daily maintenance on and off court (watering, brushing, rolling and more). Fixing of any and all blemishes, changing lines and providing weekly or bi weekly duties (calcium, scraping, new material and more)

Maintenance Hiring & Training

Providing a club with a maintenance staff capable of sustaining the quality of the courts year round or training your current employee(s) to ensure that the quality of the courts is maintained at the highest level possible.